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HandTrux original and strong toys

What's better then playing with a diggingmachine? 

Become one yourself!


kids playing handtruxThe HandTrux Backhoe or Diggingarm is a new and original toy and now also available in Europe. The HandTrux is very strong. It is also a versatile toy. You can use the HandTrux Backhoe for sand, but also for snow. Kids find all kinds of uses for it. You can tidy and clean up your room with it as well. Kids make a connection with transformers as well and feel strong like a robot. The imagination of children is stimulated with such a original toy. Boys and girls like the toy. Digging is fun for everybody. It makes digginge easy and a sandcastle is made in minuts. 


Besides a toy it is also a real well working tool. Parents can use it in the garden. Dad can stand on it without it breaking. You can not do that with the majority of toys today. 

The Backhoe Diggingarm is the start of a string of new toys. They all will be innovating, original, strong and fun to use. Toys that fell appart when you unwrap it you can find everywhere. Do you remeber the toys that were so strong that your grandchildren even can playwith it?


In America it has been for sale for a few years. And the sales are climbing every year. HandTrux does not have the marketing power or budgets of the big toy companies. It is pure on the bases of the toy it is doing so well. HandTrux is here to stay.

handtrux show

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Some details
HandTrux is made out of the strongest materials. Quality is everything to us. So it is going to last.

You can use it for snow, sand, gravel, gadening. It makes kids play activly.

Kids also play inside with HandTrux. You can also scoop up your Lego's!

Boys and girls (and parents) like the toy. 

(Look for yourself)

Kids rather be a diggingmachine then play with one. They feel bigger and stronger with HandTrux. 


Length: 39CM / 16 INCH
Width: 14CM  / 6 INCH
Height: 10CM / 4 INCH
Weight: 800 gram / 2 lbs

handtrux beach big


handtrux both sides


HandTrux Box RearView


ht handtrux water


snow header website

The story behind this toybrand is also interessting. HandTrux is invented and owned by Ernest van den Heuvel. An american with a dutch name who does not speak any dutch. He was a real Backhoe driver and with the money he made with digging the foundations of a lot of shoppingmalls he financed his invention. Read more about this rocking toy inventor. 

The future looks great for HandTrux. There are several products in development. One of them is a animation series. Come back to our website regulary to be updated. 


handtrux dozer